Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Save Function and Point Source Detector

I finished another save function today. It lets users save contrast curves by selecting the graph with the contrast curve and pressing "w" (w for 'write' since s is already taken).

For example, CK00012_snap_20110412.fits saves as CC94-72_CK00012_snap_20110412.png. 'CC' indicates that it is a graph containing a Contrast Curve. 94-72 indicates that it was saved at the original FITS files coordinates of (94,72). This way, users can save multiple contrast curve images from the same fits file without accidentally writing files over.

I addition, I have been outlining and planning out how to make a Point Source Detector that will detect if there is a point source close to the main point source in the picture. This, however, also requires me to fix up my existing code that finds point sources. "Close" is defined as probably within 1 FWHM of the main point source. That is, its light is merged with the main point source's light since it's within the main point source's aperture.

-How to save files
-Key press functions
-Create my point source detector function
-Eventually create a point source simulator and test my detector function

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