Friday, July 15, 2011

Beta Testing of IPhot?

I sent my program to Tim, who will test it over the weekend. I hope there won't be any serious bugs...

Anyways, IPhot now *ideally* comes with mac os compatability, the ability to upload multiple FITS files, and quick contrast curve plotting with a single click (or two)!


C:\>cd [your path here]

C:\[your path here]>IPhot CK00012_snap_20110412.fits CK00350_snap_20110524.fits -d 0.95 -w 70 -h 40 -s 0
Press Q/q to quit, or any other key to load next image.

The two lines starting with CK... indicate the FITS files that are loaded. At this point, this image pops up:

Clicking near point (93, 72) gives:

To go to the next image and close the current figure, I just press any key:

...loading next image
This image loads:
Clicking near the center gives me this:

Press Q/q to quit, or any other key to load next image.

I pressed n again, but as it doesn't have another Image to load, it automatically quits the program:


C:\[your path here]>


So there you have it! There are probably a few kinks I haven't worked out yet with the program, but hopefully nothing major. 

I haven't yet added a save function either as I couldn't easily figure out how to best add a save button without making the process of plotting contrast curves and loading images too slow. I'm trying to aim for a streamlined process of saving images, but at the same time, I don't want the user to feel rushed or confused while using my program.  

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