Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Command Line Program

I've been working on making the contrast curve program into a program that can be executed directly from the command line.

Yesterday I attempted to at first to make a rectangle selector that allowed users to make a subplot and contrast curve by creating a rectangle on the FITS image. Unfortunately... the code was difficult for me to understand and since I couldn't find the source code, it ended up being easier to just abandon the whole idea.

But today I'm definitely making much more progress! This morning I read up on some different command line functions and how to write Python files that required input from a command line. The current problem I have is that it's hard for me to load the actual FITS file onto command line, so I can't show you any examples just yet (since I can't actually make my code work on a file).

Tim has been kind enough to teach me a bit about exception handling and the such. I'm assuming I'm doing something simple wrong and will continue to figure out why my fits file directories are "never found".

The fits file load now so that the programs will execute without error. However, I barely even have a chance to see anything load up before the program terminates again. Huh. I need to figure out how to make the program "pause".

-Loading Python scripts in command line
-Using functions in Python that allows users to input info from command line
-Exception Handling
-Finish up the program.
-Figure out how to "pause" it.
-Test my contrast curve program against other contrast curves!

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