Friday, July 8, 2011

Fancy Contrast Curve Plotting

Exciting day!
Today was code clean up/make graphs look pretty day. And by make graphs look pretty, I sure do mean I made some awesome-looking, well organized graphs.
Here's an example:

>>> from startup import*
>>> import InteractivePhot
>>> im=phot2.Image(arr)
>>> InteractivePhot.start(im)
Please enter percent darkpixels (0-1):  0.95

After entering the percent darkpixels, the main FITS file image will pop up: 

It waits for a mouse click on a pixel (Clicking outside the image will unfortunately still give an error....)
I clicked near the center object, and this figure popped up: 

Pretty neat huh!? I'm so excited it turned out looking so pretty. 

Unfortunately though, there still needs to be a little tweaking/debugging, which I'll continue to work on next week. 

-I can make beautiful graphs! :D
-How to align text inside a graph. (The text on the upper right corner of the Contrast Curve graph doesn't depend on on the coordinates of the graph. Instead it "clips on" to the maximum graph height and width.)
-How to create subplots
-How to customize tick marks and text
-Allow users to specify annulus space between the aperture and the innermost annulus radius (set to 0 as of now)
-Allow users to specify the dimensions of the cropped image (set to 40x40 as of now)
-Might want to try and make a dragging box that crops the image as opposed to a click that defines the center point... (that'll bypass the problem I have with allowing users to specify the dimensions of the cropped image)
-Somehow allow users to save the images?
-Somehow create a python file that'll run all my code in command line.
-I'm not actually sure that I'm plotting the right contrast curve (especially since the beginning of many curves tend to poke above 0 up to negative magnitudes, which seems a little odd...). I'll have to check my math eventually.

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