Thursday, August 18, 2011

Contrast Curve Function 2.0 III and Point Source Detector

So it turns out that actually, because of various factors like dithering and such, my contrast curves are probably correct.
Yay! That's actually pretty exciting stuff.

However, now my point source detector is far too insensitive. I am trying to search for regions that have point sources, and then use the fitgaussian(...) function to detect those point sources. However, the fitgaussian(...) runs very slowly over large arrays and doesn't seem to be all that effective at pinpointing the point sources. Even after I've put down an artificial point source, it still doesn't detect anything in any of the regions. Perhaps it's the way I've implemented it, and I just have to keep working towards a solution.

-What dithering means.
-Find a way to make my point source detector work correctly, whether by using the fit gaussian function, or some other function.

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