Monday, August 15, 2011

Contrast Curve Function v2.0 I

Today I finished most of the contrast curve function I talked about in my previous post. I haven't gotten it to return a list of detected point sources yet (it only returns radii and respective 5*sigma as of now), but it should integrate relatively well into all the other code I've written so far.

I have also been given a rough timeline of what I'm supposed to do for the rest of the summer (yes, although officially ten weeks, my project will continue till the end of summer/beginning of the fall term). So here it is:

1) Rewrite my code and try and get the same results that Justin did.
2) Start using my code for all the fits files I have.
3) Detect problems and check them.
4) Repeat as necessary (This is not a fun step).
5) Make my code more user-friendly.
6) At some point start putting contrast curves up on a website.
n) Somehow help with the writing of a paper.

-Tomorrow I'll have to figure out how this new contrast curve function will actually detect point sources. Since we're talking about regions now, I might have to also change the way the program points out detected sources to the user.
-I also have to start writing code so that I can upload directories of .FITS files into the program. That way, the user won't have to spend a long time typing in the names of all the .FITS images.
-At some point I'll have to see what I can do about adapting my program to various arcsecond/pixel ratio. That is, I want my program to be able to recognize a type of image by its file name and automatically assign the correct arcsecond/pixel ratio.
-Finally, if possible/not too aesthetically ugly, I should try and make all the pictures axes display units in terms of arcseconds instead of pixels.

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