Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Phot3.py - Two Functions

Today I finished coding two plotting functions.
def plotcontrastcurve(self,ann_space=0,darkpix=0.95,adj=3,thresh=5,fig=1): The original plotcontrastcurve(...) function wasn't nearly as fancy as this one. This function also allows the user to specify the number of adjacent pixels (adj) and the number of deviations from the mean background (thresh) that determines whether a pixel is a point source or not. The math behind the contrast curve has also changed. The shape looks pretty good, but I'm concerned that a lot of the curve is up in the negatives for contrast...

def plotptsmarking(self,cx,cy,filename="",ann_space=0,darkpix=0.95,adj=3,thresh=5): This function makes one of those subplot images that circles the aperture, the innermost annulus, and other point sources in the picture (if possible). It also has arguments for thresh and adj

Tomorrow I will link these two methods together in IPhot.

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