Friday, July 29, 2011 and Other Major Changes

Due to my recent major change to my findptsources(...) function, I had to also implement major changes to my overall module. The result was that I decided to just start over and make a new module called It is essentially the same module, but I've streamlined it a bit and deleted some functions that I now don't need because of my more efficient findptsources(...) function. 

I've also been given suggestions to present my data in a more space-conserving and visually appealing way. 

I am working on creating a subplot image within a contrast curve plot. The subplot image will be like it is now - it will center on the point source and indicate where its aperture extends to and where its innermost annulus begins. 

I am also working on changing what happens when a user clicks a point source. When a click is registered, a cropped image centering around the point source will appear. If there are no point sources detected within the annuli of that cropped image, a contrast curve will appear as mentioned above. If there are point sources detected within the annuli, they will be marked with respective circles and the program will return a printed list of detected point source coordinates.

I'll continue working on this next week.

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