Monday, July 25, 2011

Point Source Detector


I finished the basic code for the Point Source Detector today. (Though I haven't quite had time to test it yet).

def ptsdetector(subim, aperture, darkpix=0.95): Given a subplot of an Image object (cropped Image object basically), the aperture around the main point source, and an optional darkpix argument, we can detect whether there are any point sources near or within the aperture of the main star.

Now, if we load the main FITS file and click on it, this figure will pop up:
If there are actual point sources within the aperture (significant addition to the light of the main point source), the program will print an additional message stating "Detected point source within aperture: (x,y)" and indicate the x and y coordinates where that point source was found. 

Note that there are two smaller circles. These denote where the point sources are in the picture. The concentric circles indicate that this is the main point source we are focusing on (the point source that was selected by the user). The other small circle indicate that there is another point source near the main point source. 

In this case, however, it should be noted that the slit in the picture is messing around with the object's light, and so we are given another "point source" when in fact it is just the light from the main source on the other side of the slit. I'm eager to test this with some other images that hopefully do not have slits on the main point source. 

-Not much new stuff.... today was mainly coding
-Clean the point source detector code a little
-Start on the point source simulator

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