Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Still editing that point source detector...

Functions created: 

def addsource(self,cx,cy,peak_flux,FWHM=1): Adds a point source to current Image object and returns a new Image object. cx, cy are the coordinates for the point source, peak_flux is the maximum flux at (cx,cy), and FWHM is... well, the full-width-half-max. 

Other than that, today was mostly spent trying to correct tiny errors and figuring out how to correctly implement my Point Source Detector so that it looks for 3 points that are brighter than 5*sigma (the 5*sigma of the annulus it is positioned in). The current "filler" function I'm using for my Point Source Detector is the point source function I use to find my main point sources. However, this is technically incorrect, since the background noise affecting the main point sources is the background noise in the sky. The background noise for the non-main point sources (the faint point sources that might be polluting the light from the main point source) depends on the brightness of each annulus around each main point source. 

So I guess I'll just continue to work on this tomorrow. 

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